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discover new career horizons.

Welltech Academy is an educational platform for talented professionals who are starting their journey in IT.

We will open up the world of professions in the IT industry for you and help you outline the trajectory of your career path.


At Welltech Academy, you will have the opportunity to join a product IT company and participate in the development of Health & Fitness apps.

About the Academy

About the Academy


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Get the skills needed to build a career in IT, study the industry from the inside.

Learn from experienced mentors, apply your knowledge to real-life tasks.

Complete the Academy’s course and get the chance to join our team.

Get a certificate confirming your participation in the project.

Welltech is all about creating mobile applications that help millions of people around the world improve their health. 


Our main distinguishing feature is the desire to constantly

grow, develop and learn new things.

To impact product IT development by improving

the knowledge and expertise of entry-level specialists

Welltech Academy


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Projects to kickstart

IT careers

Alumni of educational projects

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part of our team


Product Camp

Get started in product management and training on practical cases

2.5 weeks | Online | On hold


QA Bootcamp

Knowledge and experience under the mentorship of experienced QA

2.5 weeks | Online | On hold


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HOW it works

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Immerse yourself

in your studies while being
guided by the best experts

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of the Welltech team


Prior to Product Camp, I had no experience in product management. My goal was to learn more about the product management field in general, to understand what it is, why and how people work in it, and what tools they use.

Product Camp gave me more than I could even imagine. It helped me learn about the true essence of product management, and I was able to understand that it is my passion, and that working as a Product Manager is my goal. I've greatly leveled up in analytics and product management, met many wonderful and incredibly interesting people, and joined the company that I fell in love with. During three months of cooperation with Welltech, I grew from a Product Analyst to a Product Manager.


Product Manager at Welltech

Product Camp graduate

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